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Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Can you fight your speeding ticket?

Speeding can incur fees and demerit points of varying amounts. This is a fact all licence holders know too well. Statistically speaking, speeding tickets are the most commonly issued traffic infringements.

While it is never a happy feeling to find a fine or infringement notice from the Department of Transport and Main Roads in your letterbox, most of us bite the bullet, pay the fee and accept the losses.

But what if we contest the speeding ticket altogether? What are the lawful grounds to do so?

If you have received an infringement notice for speeding or other traffic offence and wish to contest the ticket, here are a few things you should know first.

Fighting The Speeding Ticket. What the Law Says

There are defences to contest a ticket, and opposingly, there are unreasonable excuses.

As an example, some of the unreasonable ‘excuses’ are: • being late for work or an appointment; • travelling downhill; • unaware of the speed you were travelling; or • failure to notice the speed camera.

What are reasonable defences to speeding the law may accept?

There are possible defences when it comes to fighting a speeding ticket, some of which may include: • the accused was under duress; • the accused was subject to mistake of fact; • the accused was not the one in charge of the vehicle; or • the accused was not speeding.

To discover a deeper understanding of these defences and what they could mean for you, it is best to seek advice from a dedicated Criminal or Traffic Offence lawyer about your specific situation.

The legal complexities

To an untrained eye, the above defences may appear to be rather straightforward and self-explanatory, and you may believe this is an event challengeable by yourself alone.

However, it Is not as easy as it may seem.

Fighting a speeding fine can be complex. Often, it’ll involve the gathering of witness statements, the advice of technical experts and submission of certain reports. Handling this on your own is simply not advised.

If you want to ensure the best possible outcome and better understand your rights and legal options when it comes to fighting or contesting your speeding ticket or infringement notice, get the right legal representation.

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