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Family Law

Complete Family Law Services

Family law matters are difficult for individuals and families, but they are not insurmountable. Nobody ever wants or really expects to find themselves navigating a family law situation.

For many people, family law could be their first and only experience of the law, lawyers, courts, negotiations, mediations and settlements.

Yet one in three marriages in Australia ends in divorce. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, in 2018 there were 49,404 divorces and 47.3% of the divorces involved children.

Divorce and separation may be a stressful and lonely time, but you are not alone.

At Creevey Horrell, our senior lawyers with more than 40 years of combined experience have helped our clients through some of the most challenging and toughest times of their lives.

The professional and life experience we bring to each matter helps us understand the options available to each of our clients and helps them to achieve the best possible resolutions and outcomes available in their particular situation.

Focusing on empathetic and professional representation, clear and pragmatic advice and providing strategic, cost-effective and easy to understand options, we help our clients every day to navigate all aspects of family and relationship law.


  • Pre-Nuptial Agreements

  • De Facto relationship arrangements

  • Separation

  • Divorce

  • Children

       - Parenting agreements

       - Relocation

       - Grandparent's rights & adoption

       - Child support

  • Property division and settlements

  • Binding Financial Agreements

       - Separation agreements
      - Pre-nuptial agreements

  • Domestic Violence (go to page)

  • Mediation / Family dispute resolution

  • Court proceedings

Creevey Horrell offers a FREE consultation of up to 30 minutes to discuss your individual family law situation with one of our experienced family lawyers.

If you need to institute legal proceedings, or participate in negotiations or mediation, our team will advocate for you.

Areas of Practice

Creevey Horrell Divorce


There is not a ‘one size fits all’ approach with respect to separation and family law matters.


Every situation is different. Don’t hesitate to seek the assistance or advice from our family law solicitors, who have the requisite skill and experience in family law.


Seeking assistance does not immediately propel you into further conflict. Often, our family law solicitors can assist in resolving the issue/s without you ever having to darken the steps of a family law Court. Clear, pragmatic advice can clarify the steps that are available to you following separation and provide peace of mind with respect to your immediate concerns and likely long term outcomes.

Creevey Horrell family law property dispute


Family law property settlement is the process of dividing assets between separated married or de facto spouses. Each situation is unique and can include interlinked issues, such as spousal maintenance and child support agreements, and structuring issues to address retention of businesses, family trusts, companies, farms and rural enterprises, capital gains or other tax issues.


Our family law team are based in Toowoomba and Brisbane, and are adept at assisting clients from regional areas, including the Western Downs, through to the city. We will provide you with astute advice on all aspects of your property matter and work with your accountant or financial planner to maximise your outcome.


When you reach an agreement, we can assist you with ‘formalising’ your agreement by way
of either Consent Orders or a Financial Agreement.

Creevey Horrell family law parenting agreements


It is not unusual for separated parents to encounter difficulties when discussing, and ultimately, coming to an agreement with respect to care arrangements for their children.


There are a number of avenues available to assist separated parents with working towards a solution. At all times, the best interests of the children should be at the forefront of family law process and any legal advice.

Parenting agreements can be formalised by way of a Parenting Plan or Consent Orders.

Our experienced family law solicitors assist our clients with clear, sensible advice with respect to proposed arrangements and the process.

Creevey Horrell family law child support


The general premise for Child Support is that both parents have an obligation to financially support their children.


It is quite common for a separated parent to feel overwhelmed about how to address an unusual circumstance in their child support matter, such as private school fees, costs of dental or medical treatment, or an inaccurate assessment of income by the Child Support Agency.


Our family law solicitors are skilled at guiding clients through the ‘maze’ that is the Child Support process, including objections and appeals to a child support assessment. We can assist clients with negotiating and formalising a private agreement, by way of a Limited Child Support Agreement or a Binding Child Support Agreement.

Creevey Horrell family law court


Family Law parenting and property matters are dealt with by both the Family Court and the Federal Circuit Court of Australia. Typically, the Family Court will deal with the more ‘complex’ parenting and property matters. However, the same law, case law and legal principles are applied by the two Courts.

Most family law matters resolve by agreement without the need for Court proceedings. Court proceedings may assist parties to clarify interim issues and matters often resolve by way of a negotiated agreement partway through the Court process and well before a final hearing.


We will provide you with practical and forward thinking advice. We will guide and support you through the process and advocate for you and your interests

Creevey horrell family law domestic violence DV


Our solicitors are experienced in assisting clients with respect to domestic violence applications, court proceedings and appeals. Sadly, the breakdown of a relationship can result in further escalation of uncertainty and conflict which, at times, results in domestic violence proceedings being conducted
alongside family law parenting and / or property matters.


Our family law solicitors regularly assist
clients directly with their domestic violence and their family law matters at the same time.


We also work in conjunction with our highly specialised criminal law solicitors so that our clients receive the best representation for all their matters.

Our Family Law Team

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We will provide you with a quality service by:

Recognising that individual client needs are unique. We will personalise our service, and provide you with advice that fits those needs.

Delivering clear, accurate, timely and relevant services and advice.

Ensuring accessibility to senior members of the team, and direct contact with those who thoroughly understand your matter.

Treating you with the dignity, respect and support we would give our most important client, not treating you as another number.

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