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Dan Creevey


Phone: (07) 3009 6555 or (07) 4617 8777

“I want my clients to feel that they have someone truly prepared to fight for them who will leave no stone unturned in providing that representation. I speak in plain English and with nearly 40 years experience in the legal industry I provide sound and practical advice that is solution driven.”


Master of Laws (Litigation Stream)

Solicitor, Supreme Court of Queensland

Solicitor, High Court of Australia


Queensland Law Society


Meet Dan

A lawyer for 40 years, Dan has spent his career in court, litigating and resolving disputes for his clients. He has represented plaintiffs and defendants in all courts.


A champion of the people, Dan is most likely to be representing the battler in matters where loss or injury has been caused by governments or the big end of town.


His experience and extensive knowledge of the court system and judicial process enables Dan to quickly assess the strength of a client’s case and identify the best pathway to achieve an effective and, where possible, early resolution.


But when a fight is needed to achieve an outcome, Dan is the lawyer you want in your corner.


A strong believer in access to justice for everyone, Dan is often sought for his opinion on the legal and court systems:

  • Deceptive marketing disputes rise in hot Qld market – Real Estate Business May 2022

  • Access to. Justice slammed as ‘Djoke” in wake of visa saga – Lawyers Weekly January 2022

  • Victims of ‘big end of town’ should not be constrained by fear of litigation, principal says – Lawyers Weekly January 2022

  • Law firm issues stark warning on COVID protests – Lawyers Weekly September 2021


Outside of work, Dan can be found working on old cars to improve his reputation as the worst mechanic in Toowoomba.


Click here to arrange a 15-minute free assessment of your claim or dispute with Dan or call (07) 3009 6555 or (07) 4617 8777 to set up an appointment.


"To say I’ve been impressed with Creevey Horrell Lawyers would be an understatement. They have been at all times very professional, knowledgeable, understanding and incredibly tenacious and persistent in striving to get the best result possible in this case. I would have been lost without them and the result would have been very bad and expensive. It gave my brother and I great peace of mind to know that we were being looked after by such a competent firm. Consequently, I can’t recommend Creevey Horrell Lawyers highly enough as the people to go to for legal assistance and guidance."

John and Peter Stewart

January 2022


Supreme Court of Queensland

  • Successful representation of a Toowoomba landowner after his property developer neighbour performed unapproved and unlawful earthworks on an adjoining property. The developer performed excavation works along the common boundary creating a vertical, five-meter drop from our client’s land to theirs. This unapproved earthwork withdrew the lateral support to our client’s land. Toowoomba Regional Council failed to help our client despite multiple requests and our office was then retained. We promptly filed an application for a mandatory injunction in the Supreme Court of Queensland to stop the developer carrying out any further works and forcing them to perform rectification works to the land. Our application was entirely successful, and the Court granted the injunction and ordered the developer to pay costs. Bringing us to present day, after engaging experts and closely monitoring the developer to ensure compliance with an amended development approval, a retaining wall has now been constructed that provides support to our client’s land.

  • Our client was the defendant in proceedings initiated in the Supreme Court of New South Wales relating to a dispute that arose with respect to a construction joint venture of industrial sheds. He owned the land and the plaintiff was the builder constructing the sheds on the land. On the first day of trial, we brought an application to exclude all of the critical affidavit material sworn by the plaintiff, on the basis that it was either hearsay, irrelevant or unfounded conclusions deposed to by the plaintiff. Our application was entirely successful and all of the evidence was ruled by the Judge to be excluded on the grounds that it was inadmissible. After this ruling, the plaintiff approached our client seeking to settle the matter and we successfully negotiated a resolution that was extremely favourable to our client.

Federal Court of Australia

  • Representing traditional owners in a native title claim.


  • ​Successful representation of Springsure cotton growers who had suffered significant damage following the application of a shuttle of Wipe-Out which was contaminated with 2,4D (2,4 Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid). Our clients’ claim was against the supplier of the chemical for breaches under the Sale of Goods Act 1896 for misleading and deceptive conduct, and the Australian Consumer Law for supplying goods that were not of merchantable quality and not fit for their intended purpose. Following an application made by our office for summary judgement, which was to be heard in Rockhampton, the parties reached a settlement of the matter.


We will provide you with a quality service by:

Recognising that individual client needs are unique. We will personalise our service, and provide you with advice that fits those needs.

Delivering clear, accurate, timely and relevant services and advice.

Ensuring accessibility to senior members of the team, and direct contact with those who thoroughly understand your matter.

Treating you with the dignity, respect and support we would give our most important client, not treating you as another number.

At Creevey Horrell Lawyers, we have an ongoing commitment to deliver service excellence to our clients. Our capacity to provide professional and supportive legal advice and services is what makes us unique and what drives our growth and development as a firm.

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