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If you have sustained an injury at the fault of someone else and have suffered losses, you may have the right to bring a third party claim. A Personal Injury lawyer will help ensure you are receiving exactly what you are entitled to.

What types of accidents do Personal Injury lawyers assist with?

Most accidents can be compensable if they have occurred at the fault of someone else. It’s important, however, to receive proper advice from a professional Personal Injury lawyer before you assume your eligibility (or ineligibility) for a claim. They will allow you to understand what you can or cannot claim compensation for, given your unique circumstances- and assist you throughout the claims process.

Some of the accidents and compensation matters commonly dealt with are:

• Car crashes;

• Cycling incidents;

• Quad bike accidents;

• Motorcycling accidents;

• Heavy machinery incidents;

• Injuries sustained through work;

• Stress, shock and other psychological injuries;

• Slips, trips and falls

When is the correct time to contact a personal injury lawyer?

Although action does not have to be immediate, it is advisable to seek support as soon as you are able.

There are varying time constraints that may influence whether a claim is accepted or not. Being unaware of these time limitations may leave you at a loss. If you are concerned about missing your window of opportunity to receive compensation, seek legal advice as soon as possible.

What to look for when selecting a Personal Injury Lawyer

It is vital to ensure you are working with a lawyer who has proven reliability, credibility and professionalism. One with certified accreditation, years of experience and willingness to assist will be well equipped to handle your matters – providing you with the best outcome possible.

Legal support through your psychological or physical injury

Let us assist you. If you have suffered a physical or psychological injury at the fault of someone else, our specialised Personal Injury lawyers can provide you with all the necessary legal support you need to help you get your life back on track.

For more information about our specialised Personal Injury lawyers, please follow the link below. Positioned in Toowoomba, Roma and Brisbane to assist all who need support.


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