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A high number of injuries and deaths in rural communities across Australia are attributed to the use of quad bikes.

In the past 10 years alone, more than fifty people have died from quad bike accidents in Queensland.

Quad Bike Usage in Rural Queensland

Quad bikes (often referred to as all-terrain vehicles or ATV’s) are commonplace amongst agricultural lifestyles or fields of work, used for convenient transport across varying property terrains. In the case of commercial or hobby farmers, quad bikes are crucial in maintaining productivity on the farm.

Although a staple in rural society, quad bikes bring many safety hazards that put the drivers or passengers at high risk of accidents.

Common Injuries Caused by Quad Bikes

The most common quad bike accidents to occur in rural Queensland are rollovers, collisions, falls and tipping accidents. Accidents such as these can cause broken bones, head and spinal injuries and other severe and sometimes fatal injuries.

Compensation claims for Quad Bike Injuries

Depending on the nature of the accident (recreational, workplace or other), if you are injured on a quad bike you may be eligible to receive compensation for your losses.

Receiving compensation can assist in relieving some of the financial strain the accident has brought upon you, your quality of life, your work or your family.

It is important to act as soon as possible, however, as claims are governed by strict time limits. For the best outcome, seek the assistance of a reputable Personal Injury lawyer.

Quad bikes are one of the leading causes of death and serious injury on Australian farms. Have you fallen victim to a quad bike injury?

Let us assist you during your recovery. With a professional Personal Injury Lawyer by your side, you can increase the chances of succeeding in your claim, whilst prioritising what’s most important: your recovery.

To discover more about how we can be of help to you, please click through to the link below. We are located in Roma, Toowoomba and Central Brisbane.


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