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Lime Scooters Could be a Lemon

Consumers need to aware of the risks of using the popular Lime scooters currently being trialled in Brisbane because in the event of an accident they could be liable for personal or property damages, warns leading legal firm Creevey Russell Lawyers.

Hundreds of the motorised scooters have been distributed around the Brisbane CBD, South Bank, Fortitude Valley and other inner-suburbs, with huge demand reported for the electric scooter service.

But Creevey Russell Principal Dan Creevey says there are a number of legal risks consumers should be aware of before deciding to hire the scooters despite the Queensland government granting the service a temporary exemption.

“The company’s website promotes the scooters as having a 250-watt motor and a maximum speed limit of more than 20km per hour. Queensland laws and regulations outline personal mobility devices are required to have a maximum speed of less than 20km per hour and not exceed 200-watts,” Mr Creevey said.

“We are aware the State Government has provided an exemption for a period of time. Consumers, however, should be aware of the potential legal implications that can follow.

“For example, the scooters are prohibited from being used on a road, except in very limited circumstances, and in the event of an accident, a person may have very little protection against claims for personal injuries or property damage caused to a third party.

“In addition, people caught deliberately or accidentally damaging the scooters may face civil and/or criminal sanctions in some cases.”

Creevey Russell says people should do their appropriate research and pay attention to the terms and conditions if they are considering using the scooter service.

In the event an individual is involved in a legal dispute, of any description through the use of the scooter service, Mr Creevey said they should urgently seek legal advice to protect their interests.

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