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If you have been hurt due a motor vehicle accident in Queensland of which you were not at fault you may be able to make a compensation claim.

Hit and Run Motor Vehicle Accidents

The term ‘hit and run’ is used to describe the situation where an at-fault vehicle flees a scene of a car accident..

Those who have fallen victim to a hit and run incident are not only left to suffer with their injuries, they are also hampered by the added challenge of identifying the second party – exacerbating an already stressful ordeal.

This challenge is often unsuccessful with many unable to find the driver of the at-fault vehicle. Thankfully, victims to a hit and run can remain eligible to receive compensation for their injuries and losses - even when there is no identified driver or vehicle

Claim Compensation for a Hit and Run in Queensland

It should be noted that in these hit and run incidents, a compensation claim can be brought against the “Nominal Defendant”.

The nominal defendant is a statutory body who acts in the place of the insurer for the unidentified vehicle.

The Costly Expenses

If successful, a claim against the nominal defendant could allow the victim to receive compensation on:

• Medical expenses; • Rehabilitation expenses; • Loss of income; • Pain and Suffering; and • Care and/or assistance expenses.

Although compensation is sometimes needed urgently it is not always attainable. These claims however can be rejected if adequate steps to identify the relevant vehicle are not undertaken in a timely manner.

To ensure you the best possible chance of such a claim being accepted, victims of these accidents are well advised to enlist the help of a personal injury lawyer. Reputable lawyers will handle the investigation and communication with all relevant insurers or nominal defendant on your behalf. Not only will this help ensure the best outcome but will also allow adequate time for you to recover from your injuries.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Brisbane, Roma, Toowoomba and Regional Queensland

Have you been injured on account of a hit and run incident? We can help you.

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