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Whether it’s the smart mouth know it all or the zip lipped home buyer, Real Estate Agents have their work cut out for them, so there is nothing worse than dealing with a difficult client just to have the deal fall over during the conveyance.

There are basic steps which both agents and conveyancers need to keep in mind when dealing with difficult parties:

(a) Pre-contractual advice

Give the client the option to talk to their conveyancer before entering into a contract. It removes risk and your time consumed whilst allowing you, the agent, time to attend to other potentials.

(b) Communication

Choose a conveyancer that you can talk to and have a well-established relationship with so you can work as a team to get the result.

(c) Expectations

It’s important to set client expectations and this goes for the conveyancer, if the expectations for the client aren’t set clear and early, difficulties will continue through to the end, if it ever gets to the end.

(d) Proactive

Ensure the conveyancer is just as proactive as you are.

(e) Costs

The cheapest isn’t always the best, it’s hard to find a conveyancer that fits the above. Referring to the cheapest conveyancer doesn’t necessarily serve the agent or the client, so ensure your referrals are based on value.

If you are interested in talking to us about pre-contractual advice and/or conveyancing, call us on (07) 3009 6555.


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