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Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Creevey Russell Lawyers - Brisbane Construction and Builder Injury Claim - What Happens Next Queensland Personal Injury Blog

If you have been injured as a construction worker or builder due to the fault of someone or something else, you may be able to claim compensation for your losses.

In Queensland and many states across Australia – construction can be regarded as one of the most dangerous industries to work in. With the constant use of heavy machinery, lifting equipment and power tools, the hazards are high; and these hazards only make but few of the many hazards and risks construction workers face on a daily basis.

Of all workplace injuries, the most common occur within the construction industry.

Accident claims are most frequently brought due to injury caused by ‘body stressing,’ ‘being hit by moving objects’ and ‘slips trips and falls’ on Queensland construction sites.

What Happens If You’re Injured On The Construction Site?

If you have sustained an injury during the course of your work as a construction worker or builder in Queensland – you could be entitled to claim through WorkCover or another avenue for Worker’s Compensation.

The moments following your injury are pivotal if you wish to secure the correct financial compensation. Of course, the first thing to do in any personal injury case is to seek prompt medical advice.

Medical attention is not only critical in your recovery but is also a necessary step in claiming compensation. Once attention from a doctor or healthcare professional is received, it’s highly advised to keep copies of all documents as these will be needed when it comes time to lodge your claim.

If your injury has led to the loss of work, part of your compensation under WorkCover will include a sum of finances lost due to your inability to work.

Also included is ‘future pain and suffering’ – covering the need for possible medical treatments, prescriptions, care or surgeries in your future.

All of the above factors are decided upon through research, discussion and an in-depth review of your personal situation on behalf of necessary insurers and professionals. Whilst this may seem to be an achievable task for you to take on alone, it is never advised.

How You Can Benefit from Legal Advice

Suffering an injury through the course of work can take a serious toll on many areas of your life - more than loss of income alone. The immediate months following a personal injury can be some of the most challenging times people will face.

It’s an unfortunate additive, then, that putting forth a claim for Worker’s Compensation must be brought within 6 months of when the injury was sustained – taking place during those immediate challenging months.

This is why the importance of legal advice is more than securing the best financial outcome – it is about allowing yourself proper recovery and lessening the amount of excess stress during an already troubling time.

Of course, not all lawyers offer the same compassionate care.

That’s why it is crucial to research and select the correct specialist Personal Injury lawyer for your unique case.

What To Look For When Hiring A Personal Injury Lawyer

First of all, look for a law firm with proven results.

Set your sights on a law firm incorporating Accredited Specialists in the area of law you’ll be needing (in this case, Personal Injury). This means that the lawyer has expert knowledge in that particular field, providing clients with a higher level of accuracy, support, understanding and results.

Then, look for a law firm offering a ‘No Win No Fee’ service in compensation matters. This can give many who are suffering immediate loss a further sense of security when going through the claims process.

If you have suffered a workplace injury or disease, after seeking medical advice, swiftly turn your focus to obtaining legitimate, concise and supportive legal care from a Personal Injury Lawyer. Find out more here.


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