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Updated: Oct 11, 2022

A blue card is required if a person wants to work or volunteer in child-related employment in Queensland. However, if you have a criminal conviction your ability to obtain a blue card may be affected.

The Working with Children (Risk Management and Screening) Act 2000 lists offences that would constitute a dismissal in blue card holding rights. In specific terms, these are regarded as ‘disqualifying offences’.

Disqualifying Offences

Disqualifying offences are offences that stop offenders from working with children. It should also be known that the act of applying for a blue card if you are considered a disqualified person is also restricted. Doing so could leave you with a penalty.

If you are not considered a disqualified person but hold a criminal record, you may still apply for a blue card. Whether your application is accepted or not will come down to the specifics of your previously committed offence(s).

Examples of disqualifying offences are serious violent offences such as murder, sexual offences, and child exploitation offences.


If you a charged with a non-disqualifiable offence a person may be asked to provide submissions to Blue Card and show cause as to their blue card should not be cancelled. This will allow a person to elaborate on the circumstances of the offence and why you should still be able to hold a blue card.

If you or a person you know have a blue card issue, please contact the Creevey Russell Lawyers Crime and Misconduct team as soon as possible.


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