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According to the Bureau of Meteorology, 2020 was Australia’s fourth-warmest year on record.

As we approach Summer of 2021 – 2022, workers across Australia who are already: • directly exposed to atmospheric influences; • working with extremely hot materials; or • exposed to high humidity; could experience an increase in hazardous exposure to extreme heat.

Exposure to high temperatures and intense humidity can lead to heat stress and heat-related illnesses. These illnesses can be fatal.

Tradesmen, farmers and mine workers are most susceptible to developing heat stress.

When workers experience heat stress and develop illness, or injury, they may be eligible to receive compensation for their losses if unable to work.

Heat Stress and Heat-Related Illness

Heat stress occurs when a healthy body temperature is no longer maintainable.

Cramps, severe dehydration, dizziness and exhaustion some common symptoms related to heat stress. While they may seem part and parcel of working in some roles, they should be taken serious because heat related injuries can wreak havoc on the body – causing many ongoing issues.

If left untreated, heat-related illnesses could develop in severity overtime, sometimes causing further life-threatening issues.

Is there a maximum temperature at which work should cease?

There are many variables related to the development of heat stress beyond ambient air temperature alone. This is why Queensland holds no official guideline for work-safe temperatures.

Various factors effect and contribute to the development of heat-related illnesses. Some of these factors are: • exposure to high temperature supplies or machinery;

• strenuous activities performed over long periods;

• infrequent cool-down or rest periods; • working at length in direct sunlight;

• inexperience with heat exposure or certain work methods; or • diet or substance use.

Can you claim compensation for a heat-related injury in Queensland?

If you are suffering from (or have suffered with) heat stroke, heat cramps, heat exhaustion or another heat-related illness on the job, you may be able to receive compensation through a workers compensation claim.

It is always advisable to receive expert assistance from a reputable legal team when looking to claim compensation. Professional support will allow you to recover from your illness whilst ensuring the best possible outcome.

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When considering the next step to take regarding your heat-related workplace injury, please follow the link below to find out how to get in touch with our experienced team.


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