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Creevey Horrell Lawyers Principal, Dan Creevey, said the firm recently achieved a highly successful outcome for a client in a dispute with a national company.

Mr Creevey said the hearing in Perth highlighted the advantages of the arbitration process, including greater efficiency and higher prospects of settlement.

“At Creevey Horrell Lawyers we have been focusing on keeping our clients out of court and we recommend to them that arbitration is a preferred option over litigation,” he said.

“We have found many advantages in the arbitration process which include quicker judgments compared to the court process, a choice of arbitrator, a range of solutions and a higher chance of settlement.

“Of course, the costs of resolving a matter can be significantly reduced, and also there is greater flexibility and the option of confidentiality to provide more privacy to the parties.”

Mr Creevey said it helps clients if they have a carefully drafted dispute resolution clause in their contracts or terms and conditions.

“There are many aspects to be aware of as contracts often have Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) clauses which dictate the dispute process,” he said.

“Applicants need to be prepared for some of the tricks that can be used by bigger companies to thwart payment. Creevey Horrell Lawyers has extensive experience in the arbitration process and can guide applicants through the process every step of the way.

“When these matters are successfully resolved via arbitration, the parties can save money on legal fees, court costs, experts’ fees and other litigation expenses.”

Further inquiries: Dan Creevey 07 4617 8777


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