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A phenomenon that takes ‘standing up for yourself’ to new extremes. An inside look: self-representation in court.

There’s been a mass increase in the self-represented cases in court. The main driving aspect for this increase is to avoid engaging a lawyer to assist you (due to fear of costly expense).

However, as many have found, their self-representation ends up being more costly in the long run.

If you have been thinking of self-representation, you may want to think again. Below are just a few of the common issues people face with self-representation in court.

1. A ‘cheaper in the short-term’ option isn’t beneficial for the long-term.

Those who have decided to represent themselves in court end up facing more troublesome and costly issues than those who have employed a defence lawyer.

Some may think that because their case is ‘relatively trivial’, they will see it through, representing themselves without any dramas.

However, if you’re unequipped with the skills and knowledge to understand the legal system – you can come off with a worse or more costly outcome than you anticipated. This is definitely a ‘better to be safe than sorry’ situation.

Contacting an experienced law firm will always be worth the investment. It’s an investment in your future that guarantees a return. Creevey Russell Lawyers’ experienced team will be here to assist you.

“Amazing! All three of our lawyers represented us with class and dignity. They gave us the best advice and went above and beyond to help resolve our issues. Nothing was too difficult and no question we had was too stupid. We are so grateful for everything a Creevey Russell have done for us over the last 9 months.”

2. Not worth the stress.

Facing charges of any kind is an extreme stress. Facing them alone is another stress all together. It’s a daunting process for individuals who are new OR experienced in the court house. Self-representation in court may seem like an easy option, but it will cause you a lot more harm mentally than you need at times like these.

Please avoid unnecessary stress to you at this time by speaking to our team at Creevey Russell Lawyers today.

3. Not a walk in the park.

There’s a lot of misconceptions out there about how certain court and legal matters are handled. Being exposed to mass amounts of television, Netflix and American movies certainly does not help this. Ultimately, misinformation can mislead some people that unfortunately do not know any better. We need to break this illusion.

Self-representation in the court is not a walk in the park.

An inability to understand certain acts and laws in the Australian legal system means you are never fully prepared to navigate the court. Failure to understand the way issues are handled results in a failure to secure a positive outcome.

It’s not expected for all individuals to have superior knowledge of the legal system – that’s why lawyers are specially trained to help you. Lawyers are professional, experienced and educated to assist you.

Take the route of hiring a lawyer instead. Contact Creevey Russell Lawyers today to speak more about your individual circumstances.

Seek Superior Legal Advice, Assistance and Representation

This will ensure you are attending court with a professional that understands how to work through your individual case- much better than you can do on your own. We suggest seeking guidance as early as possible.

For a full-service law firm in Queensland, contact Creevey Russell Lawyers.

Proven experience and years of expertise – providing you with the support you NEED. Creevey Russell Lawyers specialise in:

· Agribusiness & Rural Law

· Class Actions

· Commercial Law

· Conveyancing

· Crime & Misconduct

· Domestic Violence

· Family Law

· Franchising

· Litigation & Dispute Resolution

· Personal Law

· Property Law

· Resources & Native Title

· Traffic Offences

· Wills & Estates

About Creevey Russell

At Creevey Russell Lawyers, the cornerstone of our firm’s approach is effective communication: we listen to our clients and formulate legal approaches based on their specific needs. Our highly skilled team members in Brisbane, Toowoomba, and Roma have a drive to deliver the highest quality professional services that our clients require and expect.

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