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Being charged with a criminal offence can be a harrowing and anxiety filled process. But just because you may have taken a wrong turn in life, or are alleged to, doesn’t mean that the consequences for that wrong turn are completely unavoidable.

No matter how you came to this point - it’s how to proceed from here that will see you through. Because no matter the charge (minor or significant) the point remains that if your liberty is at stake you need to be proactive in mounting a defence.

So, what happens next?

To us, it shouldn’t be a choice of ‘should I or shouldn’t I’. The truth is, receiving professional help from a skilled criminal lawyer may be your only beacon of light to navigate you through these darkest hours.

Unfortunately, it’s often the case that people are swayed away from hiring a criminal lawyer due to fear. The fear of costly expense.

Let us guide you through why the cost of a skilled lawyer should never deter you from employing one when faced with a criminal charge and further reasons why this is the best option for your position.

Here are five reasons why you need to hire a skilled criminal lawyer.

1. Minimise Severe Stress and Serious Worry

Facing criminal charges - one of the biggest stressors to experience in life. In addition to the stress, there’s also the curveball of understanding Australian law.

All of the intricacies that make up the Australian legal system are far too involved just to wander through blindly. You’d need to be fully equipped with the knowledge of: • the Criminal Procedure Act • the Criminal Code • the Drugs Misuse Act • the Crimes Act • the Evidence Act • the Penalty and Sentences Act • the TORUM Act (Road use) • and others.

Save yourself the bewilderment, stress and serious worry by engaging a criminal lawyer. They’re qualified, experienced and have a wealth of knowledge in areas that the ordinary person simply does not. Even when you think you know it all: think again. Piloting your own path through the complexities of Australian law is never advised.

2. You’ll Save Money in The Long Run

As previously mentioned: many are swayed away from hiring a Criminal Lawyer due to the fear of costly expense. However, if you are to engage a criminal lawyer early on- you’ll be reducing possible costly expenses ten-fold. Look at it this way. If you are unrepresented in court, you are re more likely to be exposed to severe and completely unfavourable outcomes such as:

• Being without a job due to a criminal record

• Ending up with a false or incorrect charge

• Being terminated from your current employment

• Found guilty when you are innocent

3. Present Evidence Without Fail

Presenting evidence in a criminal trial is complex. If you are unrepresented in court, you are more likely to ask questions that are not compliant with the rules of evidence. A professional criminal lawyer will know all the rules of evidence and how to correctly present evidence. They will have a perfectly formed plan in place to present evidence that can change the outcome of a case (for the better) entirely.

4. Navigate Police Interviews Correctly

You may be requested to participate in a police interview when you are arrested and saying the wrong things can lead to tricky problems. With a criminal lawyer by your side, their expertise will support you through this.

5. Help you Avoid Imprisonment

Without a doubt: an outcome we want to avoid – facing time behind bars. To ensure you or your loved one avoid this outcome, hiring a proven criminal lawyer will be your guide. If things lead to a sentencing hearing, your lawyer will use their knowledge, power and expertise to help you avoid the worst possible sentencing outcome.

Reach out to our Crime & Misconduct team at Creevey Russell Lawyers in Queensland.

Your helping hand. Your guide. We will fight for you, no matter how big or small the matter. With honest, understandable advice we will always be by your side. We’re here to help.

Reach out to us on our 24/7 Crime hotline on 1800-CRIMINAL-LAW (1800 2746 3529). No matter the time Creevey Russell Crime and Misconduct team is always available for advice and help.

Areas of expertise: • Traffic offences

• Criminal Defence

• Professional Misconduct

• Coronial Inquests

• Domestic Violence

• Drug Offences


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