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Farmers and Agricultural workers in Rural Queensland can, and often do, experience hazardous exposure to high levels of dust, gases, fumes, mould or vapours during their day-to-day work. In toxic levels, this exposure could lead to a range of serious lung and other health problems; some of which can be fatal.

How familiar are you with occupational lung disease as a personal injury and the routes for compensation?

According to Safe Work Australia, Agricultural workers could develop a lung condition due to:

• dust generated during harvesting or in the stockyard;

• transporting grain;

• weed/pest control;

• machinery maintenance and repair;

• working with wood, ash or flax; and/or

• working in areas that contain mould.

Symptoms Related To Dust Or Lung Disease

Lung diseases may not present immediately. For some, occupational lung disease makes itself prevalent after long-term employment.

The most telling symptoms of lung disease are often:

• sudden, drastic and unexpected weight loss; • persistent coughing; and • recurring infection in the lung.

Managing the Risks

Aware of these risks, workplaces must implement control measures to minimise the risk of developing occupational lung disease.

Control measures farmers and agricultural workplaces can incorporate may be:

• using machinery with an enclosed cabin;

• enforcing compulsory personal protective equipment, such as respiratory protective equipment and other;

• substitute dust-producing products with other alternatives wherever possible.

Are You Entitled to Compensation?

Your situation, your illness, your place of work and your financial concerns are all unique. There is no one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to compensation. If you are affected by your illness and its’ impairments - still unsure of the what’s, how’s and when’s regarding a compensation payment - speak to a Personal Injury Lawyer. Not only will they provide you clarity on your claim eligibility, if you are connected with an Accredited Specialist lawyer who you can trust, but they could also help you receive the correct amount of financial compensation you deserve.

Further, locally based law firms will ensure your bests interests remain their top priority, above all else. If you are based in Rural Queensland, ensuring credible legal representation is paramount.

Personal Injury Lawyers, Roma and Toowoomba

If you are seeking professional legal support from a team incorporating Accredited Personal Injury Specialists, please follow the link below.


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