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Property Law : Land and Other Legislation Amendment bill summary of amendments

The Queensland Government has introduced the Land and Other Legislation Amendment Bill (the Bill) to Parliament with the objective to make a series of minor amendments to various pieces of legislation that administers the land titling system in Queensland.

Amendments contained in the Bill include:

  1. ensuring registered owners lodge caveats appropriately during a dispute with a mortgagee;

  2. clarifying who pays compensation for the improper use of a caveat;

  3. simplifying how road licences are issued by the Minister;

  4. removal of the requirement for the Minister to approve the transfer of a road licence in certain circumstances; and

  5. the recognition of a beneficiary under a will where the deceased person’s estate has been granted probate in jurisdictions outside of Queensland such as the UK, New Zealand and other states and Territories in Australia.

The Bill has now been referred to the Infrastructure, Planning and natural Resources Committee for consideration and is due to report back to Parliament by 7 March 2016.


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