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Property Law – eConveyancing Land and other Legislation Amendment Bill

With the roll out of the national electronic conveyancing system (eConveyancing) the State Government is seeking to implement minor amendments to encourage the use of eConveyancing within Queensland. The Land and Other Legislation Amendment Bill makes the following key amendments:

  1. replacing the current ‘settlement notice’ with the nationally recognised ‘priority notice’. Additional features of a priority notice includes the ability to extend the notice by 30 days and the notice can apply to a wider range of transactions such as leases; and

  2. allowing the Registrar of Titles more discretion to dispense with the production of a paper certificate of title. (e.g. the Registrar of Titles can dispense with the need for a paper certificate of title to be produced if the Registrar is satisfied the legal practitioner holds the paper certificate of title).

The Bill has now been referred to the Infrastructure, Planning and natural Resources Committee for consideration and is due to report back to Parliament by 7 March 2016.


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