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December, the time of year where everything is “urgent”.. “I HAVE to settle before Christmas it’s the only time I can move!”…. We have all heard that before.

With chaos looming, we have to remember to take some time to slow down , not bite off more than we can chew (capacity remember?) and ensure that even though we are running around like crazy, missing conditions can result in terminated contracts. The banks are already giving us a run for our money with releases not being finalised before settlement (even though the client provided them to their broker 4 weeks prior), Australia Post delivery times are a never-ending headache and everyone is mentally checking out.

People are growing increasingly eager to jump into the market before it gets “too hot” or slows down. Let’s remember to be kind to each other through this period as we’re all just trying to do our jobs. One way or another we need to get to the end, and we may as well do it with a smile (pictured) on our faces.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from our team, see you all in 2022! (hmm.. wonder what stories we’ll have to share in Dec 2022)


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