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If you’ve been successful in claiming worker’s compensation after suffering an injury at work, and have re-entered your pre-injury employment having semi-recovered, you could find it is negatively impacting your rehabilitation. If this is the case for you, you may begin to contemplate resignation.

Is It Possible to Quit Your Job While on Work Cover?

In short, yes – it is possible to resign when receiving work cover benefits.

Many come to this decision if they feel they are not receiving appropriate support from their employer following their injury, or believe they are a burden on the company due to the inabilities the injury has caused. While these are justifiable concerns; quitting your employment should not be done out of haste, as it can leave residual impacts to your entitlements through Queensland workers compensation.

So, before you resign, it’s important to obtain legal advice first to avoid or minimise any adverse effects.

Worker’s Income Maintenance or Weekly Payments Discontinued

Resigning from your pre-injury workplace may lead to termination (or a decrease in the amount) of any weekly benefits you could have been receiving. This needs to be borne in mind before handing in a resignation.

It should be noted, however, that your medical or rehabilitation expenses will not be impacted by your resignation. Regardless of this fact, it is important to receive appropriate legal advice before you decide on resigning from your workplace.

Unanswered Questions

If you’ve been through the claims process before – you will know that it can involve many twists and turns.

If you, for example, are resigning to move to another job – you may need to consider what the new employer’s attitude will be towards supporting your recovery.

If you have questions or concerns regarding your employment following worker’s compensation, seek legal advice as soon as possible.

The Next Step

It’s understandable for injured workers to want to seek alternative employment following an injury if you believe you’re not able to rehabilitate properly in your current job, if you and your employer have had any disagreements, or if you feel unsupported in any way. Whilst the decision of resigning from your job while receiving worker’s compensation might appear as the only option, it is not advised you to do so without proper legal advice first.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Brisbane, Roma and Toowoomba

If you would like to discover more information about your rights in situations like these, please follow the link below.


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