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Flood Victims Urged to Seek Government Help

Primary producers and small business owners impacted by the monsoon trough disaster in North West Queensland earlier this year have been urged to take up grants and assistance packages now being provided by the Queensland and federal governments.

Creevey Russell Lawyers Partner Helen Kay said the firm can offer help and advice about eligibility to those wishing to apply for the government support packages.

“Small businesses who suffered damage from the heavy rainfall and major flooding between 25 January, 2019, and 14 February, 2019, are now being provided assistance,” Ms Kay said.

“The Queensland government has recently implemented a grant allowing for small businesses to gain funding of up to $10,000 to allow them to get back on their feet. The funding may be used to engage business consultants, mentors, coaches or an advisory service to assist those impacted by the natural disaster. These industry experts can advise on how to  rebuild and expand.

“The grant is offered as a one-time payment that can be used to make business plans, train staff, obtain mentoring, get financial counselling and explore options for sustainability.”

Creevey Russell Lawyers regularly represents primary producers and small businesses dealing with various issues.


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