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Understanding Work Licences

When you have been charged with a drink or drug driving offence and are set to face a loss of licence you may be able to obtain a work licence.

A work license is a restricted type of license that is issued to an individual who requires a license for purposes directly connected with their means of earning a living.

You’re only permitted to drive to and from work with your work licence. Therefore, you are not able to do grocery shopping, school drop-offs, doctors’ appointments or anything outside of attending work.

How do you apply for a work licence?

To be eligible for application of a work licence you need to meet a few requirements.

These requirements are:

• you have been on an open driver’s licence at the time of the offence; • you had an alcohol reading no more than .149 at the time of the offence; • you have not had your licence suspended or cancelled in the past five years.

It should be noted that the work licence has to be applied for before any licence disqualification period has imposed by the courts (in relation to the drug or drink driving offence). If the court has already disqualified your licence, you may no longer apply for a work licence.

In simple terms, you need to apply for a work licence before you are found guilty. You can make your application in the same court you will attend for the drink or drug driving charge.

Further requirements to obtain a work licence

The criteria that needs to be met is strict, and it is important that proper representation is obtained to help improve the chances of the application being granted, as your livelihood may be dependent on it.

You will need to provide the court with specific evidence to make an application for a work licence. This includes an affidavit by yourself and your employer – made to address your circumstances.

In the affidavit, you will express why you must hold a licence in your job position, stating how you could lose this position if you are to lose your licence entirely.

Talk to a professional

There’s so much more involved in obtaining a work licence. If you’ve recently faced a drug or drink driving charge and require a work licence, you’ll greatly benefit from engaging a professional Traffic Lawyer.

Speak to our Traffic Offences team today to discover more. Phone 07 3009 6555 or email, we’re always ready to talk about ways we can help.

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