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Primary producers and consumers who have suffered property damage or economic loss as a result of faulty products should not hesitate to seek assistance to try and secure fair compensation, says leading legal firm Creevey Russell Lawyers.

Creevey Russell Principal Dan Creevey said the firm recently achieved compensation for Central Highlands Region cotton farmers in an action brought in the Supreme Court of Queensland against a supplier of a weed control chemical.

Mr Creevey said the farmers had purchased a glyphosate herbicide from the company for application over their cotton crop.

“But after applying the herbicide directly to the crop, the crop displayed significant damage and the yield of the crop was severely impacted resulting in loss and damage to our clients’ farming enterprise,” he said.

“After conducting testing of the herbicide, the farmer discovered the herbicide was contaminated with 2,4-Dichlorophenoxyacetic acid. 2,4D should not be applied to cotton as it has a detrimental effect to the growth of the crop.”

Mr Creevey said a speedy resolution to the matter was achieved after Creevey Russell commenced proceedings against the company in the Supreme Court.

“If you have purchased a product or machine that simply does not do the job it was supposed to or worse caused you to suffer damage then you should not hesitate to seek assistance to obtain compensation,” he said.

“Creevey Russell has a proven track record helping primary producers and consumers to get fair compensation. Whether it be the result of contaminated seed or chemical, faulty machinery or bad advice, we may be able to help.”

Mr Creevey said the firm has always had its finger on the pulse of rural Australia and its agribusiness team members have broad experience in issues of concern to landholders.

“We have offices in Brisbane, Toowoomba and Roma and represent clients along the eastern seaboard and appear in courts wherever required,” he said.

Further enquiries: Dan Creevey (07) 4617 8777


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