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Coronavirus (COVID-19) SCAM

This is a time of great uncertainty and introspection. As we face an unprecedented health crisis, unlike any we have seen in the last century, we must not only take measures to protect ourselves and others from the disease, but also from those who seek to benefit from the ongoing harm in the community.

The World Health Organisation (“WHO”) has released an official statement regarding scam emails and “phishing” by individuals and groups purporting to be the WHO and seeking donations to assist those affected by the virus and in the pursuit of research funding towards a vaccine.

We must all be careful in these unprecedented times in our lives. Many of us feel the need to donate to the cause. Those who donate should be commended for the collective effort to band together as a nation support of our fellow man.

That being said, where there is tragedy, there is empathy, and people with a lesser moral code see this as an opportunity to pray upon the kind heartedness of others.

Please make sure any donations you make are to a valid organisation. DO NOT donate to websites that appear in any way to be illegitimate. Try to avoid donating to sources solicited through emails. ALWAYS verify the source you intend to donate too through legitimate websites, like the government or recognised charitable organisations. Legitimate websites have specific details in their IP address that will help you verify the validity.

For example, the WHO will never contact you via email except with an address. Anything after the @ symbol that is not is not a legitimate email. They do not operate .com or .org addresses.

Please remain vigilant to these scams and others and report any emails that concern you to the actual organisation from which they purport to represent.

Everyone needs to be especially vigilant in these times, both with our own health, the health of others and against the pathetic individuals and groups who would seek to profit from this international crisis.


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