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Whiplash Injury Claims | Motor Vehicle Accidents | Personal Injury Law, Brisbane

In most minor motor vehicle collisions, the people involved can (seemingly) escape obvious damages or injuries. Whiplash is however a common result of minor car accidents which is often overlooked.

Any degree of whiplash can lead to substantial impacts on daily life.

Whiplash and The Symptoms

Abrupt impact that causes the body to jolt forward and backward can lead to whiplash. Most common cause for whiplash are rear-end car accidents and sporting incidents, however this injury can be the result of any unexpected impacts.

Whiplash can create severe discomfort for those impaired by the injury. Symptoms include pain, headaches, muscle tension, inhibited range of motion and, in serious cases, concussion.

For some, these symptoms can appear immediately after an incident – whereas for others, it can take days for the burden of discomfort to set in.

It is therefore highly suggested for people to prioritise rest and recovery following any incident, no matter how ‘minor’.

The Impacts of Whiplash Injuries

Treatment plans are a necessary follow up to a whiplash diagnosis, used to minimise pain and instigate recovery. Those who do not respond to treatment can suffer with chronic neck pain, muscular stress and other debilitating issues.

The issue of concern can be very prevalent even for workers who perform sedentary/office based duties.

It’s clear that these injuries can cause direct interference with capacity for work, especially when there has not been adequate recovery.

A whiplash injury can require significant recovery, time off work and the incurring of medical and treatment expenses.

Can you receive compensation for whiplash?

Physical and psychological injuries can be compensated for if they happened at the fault of another person. This includes whiplash injuries.

Making a claim

There are timeframes in which you must commence a claim. If these timeframes are missed, it may result in critical treatment not being made available.

A Personal Injury lawyer will be able to guide you through these processes- conversing with all relevant insurers, completing necessary steps and ensuring the possibility of your claim – all whilst you rest and recover, the way you should.

Always make sure that you are engaging an Accredited Specialist so that you know that you are getting the best possible service.

Personal Injury Lawyers for Whiplash and Car Accidents, Brisbane

If you have suffered from whiplash due to a car accident in Queensland, we can help you.

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