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Australians are working from home much more than ever before. This new age working model raises many questions regarding workers compensation. If you have suffered an injury whilst working from home, it is important to be aware of your compensation entitlements.

As an employee you are covered by certain legal rights and protections - in accordance with your state guidelines. Employers are aware of their obligation to supply you with the correct protections; one being to provide you with a safe workplace.

Make Working from Home Safe

It is just as important to be aware of the health and safety risks involved with working from home as it is when working on-site or in the office.

To minimise risk, a clear line of communication should be established between employee and employer to disclose any possible risks when working from home.

Further, some business owners may opt to have their staff complete training modules that cover safe ‘working from home’ methods as well as arranging a physical inspection of the work from home premises.

While these are beneficial methods of risk reduction, the possibility of incurring at-home injuries remains.

Compensation For At-Home Injuries

As a starting point, if you suffer a physical or psychological injury while doing your job, you are generally entitled to receive compensation for your losses. The location at which these injuries occur are not likely to interfere with this standard. Work Safe Queensland confirms the possibility for working from home compensations, stating “Injuries sustained while working from home are compensable if the injury arises out of or in the course of your employment, and the employment was a significant contributing factor to the injury.” ( What about injuries that occur whilst on dedicated lunch breaks?

Contrary to popular belief, Injuries that occur on lunch breaks or recess can also be compensable, however it must be clear that the injury was not a result of self-subjection to a high-risk task or venture.

What are you able to claim?

A successful claim may allow you to receive compensation for medical expenses, loss of income or a lump sum payment if permanent impairment has occurred. These payments and claims will vary depending on individual circumstances.

How Do I Make A ‘Working from Home’ Injury Compensation Claim In Queensland, Australia?

It can be overwhelming to navigate the waters of compensation claims, regardless of how, where or to what extent the incident occurred. Unfortunately, many individuals face lengthy battles with insurers just to obtain compensation for what they have been through.

To ease the stress, it is advisable to engage a professional personal injury lawyer to assist you throughout these proceedings. Always make sure that you are engaging an Accredited Specialist so that you know that you are getting the best possible service.

Receive Assistance from a Professional team of Personal Lawyers in Brisbane, Roma, Toowoomba, Queensland.

Have you been injured whilst working from home? If you are curious about your avenues for compensation, please follow the link below.


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