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In Queensland there are two main reasons a road user is likely to have their driver’s licence suspended or disqualified.

Firstly, those who have accrued too many demerit points and are set to have a suspension imposed by the Department of Main Roads and Transport. Or secondly, those who have been subject to a roadside breath/drug test and are set to have a disqualification imposed by a Magistrate when they enter a plea of guilty.

To say the least, having your licence suspended can be extremely inconvenient. But for those who are reliant on driving a vehicle, whether it be for job purposes or due to living regionally, a licence suspension can be a major burden financially or personally.

What many do not realise is that even though a mandatory licence suspension is imminent, you may be able to apply to the Court for a licence which makes exceptions to the mandatory suspension and allows you to drive in certain circumstances. These circumstances could include, driving to work or picking the kids up from school.

These licences are split into two categories:

1. Special Hardship Order – for drivers who have accrued too many demerit points; and

2. Restricted Work Licence – for drivers charged with a drink/drug driving offence.

Both licences are subject to the discretion of a Magistrate. They will not be approved unless the Magistrate is satisfied you meet the strict eligibility requirements and you have provided the appropriate evidence. There are also strict time limits on when these applications can be made, so it is imperative you speak with a lawyer as soon as possible to give you the best chance of getting back on the road.

So how much does your licence mean to you?

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