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Creevey Russell Lawyers recently represented the Hampton Irrigators group in relation to their dispute with the Toowoomba Regional Council with respect to the Council’s purported termination of a Water Supply Agreement between the parties that had been on foot for 15 years.

The matter was heard in the Supreme Court of Queensland on 1 September 2020 and on 9 September 2020 Justice Martin of the Supreme Court made a number of declarations in favour of the Hampton Irrigators, namely that the water from our client’s bore is potable (i.e. safe for human consumption); the termination of the Water Supply Agreement is void and of no effect; and that the Water Supply Agreement remains binding on the parties. Justice Martin also ordered that the Toowoomba Regional Council pay the Hampton Irrigators costs on an indemnity basis, the highest level of costs that can be awarded by the Supreme Court.

Listen to Dan Creevey’s interview with the ABC regarding the outcome of this case below.


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