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Being unable to attend work due to an illness or injury can cause serious financial and mental stress, even more so when the injury causes permanent disability. If you have TPD (Total and Permanent Disablement) cover under your super fund, you may be entitled to a lump-sum payment.

Total Permanent Disability (TPD) claims, Queensland

Most understand superannuation as a financial reserve for future retirement. However, there are plenty of Australians who are unaware of the built-in insurance policies that are often standard in superannuation funds; one of them being TPD Insurance. In Australia, the law makes a requirement for most superannuation plans to include TPD Insurance as well as other financial protections.

So, if you can no longer work because of an injury or illness, you could be covered by TPD Insurance through your super fund. This could lead to a lump sum payment for your (permanent) inability to continue your usual employment.

What is a TPD claim or Total and Permanent Disability claim?

A TPD claim may be taken against the injured persons’ superannuation fund in order to claim a lump sum payment for their inability to return to work due to physical or psychological illness or injury. This payment could provide you with the financial resources necessary for your medical and rehabilitation costs, financial stability and future capabilities.

Who can access a lump sum payment TPD benefit?

Policies will vary according to the superannuation fund. In most cases, there are three elements required to determine your eligibility to access TPD benefits. These are:

1) You can no longer resume your usual work due to psychological or physical injury or illness;

2) You have been absent from work (due to illness or injury) for a continual period of time (3-6 months); and

3) Confirmation on the insurer’s behalf that your return to work is highly unlikely, given the state of your injuries and/or illness.

When bringing a claim, you will be required to lodge relevant papers and documents. This could include supportive medical reports, tax records, and any relevant records from medical authorities.

To ensure you have compiled all the information necessary, you will want to access professional legal advice. This will make sure you are securing the best chance of an accepted claim.

Still Have Concerns?

If you have suffered a debilitating injury that has left you unable to return to your regular work, it may be worthwhile investigating your rights to an insurance payment through your super.

If you are unsure where you stand in your eligibility for lump sum TPD benefits, or wish to seek advice about your current situation, please do not hesitate to seek assistance from our team today.

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