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Updated: Oct 11, 2022

Five Thing You Did Not Know About Personal Injury Claims

The realms of Personal Injury Law and Compensation in Queensland, Australia can be difficult to navigate. If you are currently pursuing a claim for a personal injury, you may have questions or concerns.

If you have not already, it is best to first source professional support from a Personal Injury lawyer – specifically, an Accredited Specialist in Personal Injury Law – as soon as possible. All concerns, queries and questions you may have about your injury claim can be openly discussed with security, understanding and compassion with a lawyer you can trust. To find out more, click here.

Five Things you May Not Know About Personal Injury Claims in Queensland, Australia

1) Most claims are subject to time limits.

Many are unaware of the strict time limits involved in bringing forth a claim.

WorkCover Claims have the most restrictive time limitations. A six-month timeframe applies when bringing a WorkCover claim, starting when the injury first became known.

The consequence of lodging a claim outside of the legal time limit could result in a rejection of your claim.

Of course, being aware of all time limitations, guidelines and requirements of personal injury claims is made easier when equipped with the professional guidance of a Personal Injury Lawyer.

2) Most accidents can be compensable if they have occurred at the fault of someone or something else.

Personal Injury can cover many areas when an injury is sustained through the fault of someone else – or something else (i.e. Product Liability). Most accidents could be compensable given this fact – an example of accidents that could be compensable are:

  • Motor vehicle accidents;

  • Medical negligence;

  • Work injuries;

  • Bicycle accidents;

  • Slip and falls on public property; etc.

Although point 2 is a true statement in many regards; compensation, and your entitlements to receive it, are not straightforward. All will depend on your circumstance. To discover if your personal situation qualifies for compensation, please speak to a lawyer as soon as you are able.

3) Personal Injury Claims aren’t often resolved in a short amount of time.

Financial reconciliation for the pain and suffering, hospital expenses, loss of work and other financial damages you have suffered, would want to be received as soon as possible. Yet accessing claim money can be a longer process than people originally perceive. Most often, claims are not resolved within in a short period of time.

The time for which the claim processes can vary considerably from case to case.

Although off-putting, the processing time for a claim should not discourage those in need from seeking compensation. Moreover, it should increase the desire for legal support, as this has proven to simplify many complications the claims process bring.

4) Your type of employment (i.e. casual, part-time or full time) should not affect your eligibility for Worker’s Compensation.

Even if you were employed on a casual, part-time, full time or contract basis – you may still be able to claim workers' compensation if you were injured at work.

5) Psychological Injuries can be compensable.

Many people are not aware that if you suffer a psychological injury at the fault of another person, you can be compensated in the same way as someone who suffers physical injuries.

Find out more about claiming compensation for psychological injury:

Accredited Specialist Personal Injury Lawyer, Rural Queensland and Brisbane CBD

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