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An opportunity to get to know more about our Principal and litigation team member, Dan Creevey.

1. What are your hobbies?

I enjoy being at home with my wife, Jane and spending time in the garden and working on old cars. I would have to be the worst ‘pretend mechanic’ in all of Queensland but I enjoy the challenge.

2. Do you have any animals?

We have a bull terrier, Syd, who is 7 years old.

3. Where will you travel first once we have travel bubbles overseas?

I’m very keen to do the Trans-Siberian Railway from Paris, France to Vladivostok, Russia.

4. When were you admitted as a solicitor?

2 February 1982.

5. Who moved your admission?

My dad, Noel Creevey.

6. What was your first job as a lawyer?

I started out at Quinlan Miller & Treston as an articled clerk. I started out doing the deliveries and the filing and Titles Office lodgements and I remember I had a little trolley for the mail that I would take around the office each morning. Very different law firms these days where everything is on the net!

7. What are your funniest memories working in law firms?

At one of the first firms I worked at there was an articled clerk who would try and make his problems go away by hiding files in the roof. It was a few months after he left the firm that we found them stashed up there. I can’t recommend that as a good solution.

8. What would be your proudest moment in your career?

Our firm has gone through some massive changes and has overcome a lot of challenges in the last couple of years, which I am extremely proud of. Seeing our team come out the other end of these challenges, like feeling the effects of COVID-19, and practicing the best law we have as a firm, has to be a career highlight for me. Not only are we still on our feet , we are in the best place that we have ever been.

9. What do you enjoy most about being a solicitor?

My passion, simply put, is achieving justice for people and helping the ‘battler’. Levelling the playing field for our clients against the government, the banks and the big corporations gives me purpose.

10. What do you see as the future of ‘Creevey Russell Lawyers’?

We are growing a team of likeminded, enthusiastic legal professionals who have a passion for the law, for practicing the law the right way and for helping people who cannot help themselves. I am extremely excited for our firm to continue to grow and develop and love watching our solicitors and support staff alike improve in their progress roles there and genuinely enjoy what they do.


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