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Dan Creevey Jnr


Phone: (07) 3009 6555

Meet Daniel

Daniel is currently on a leave of absence and will return to Creevey Horrell in January 2024.


Daniel is part of the Creevey Horrell Crime & Misconduct Team and Litigation Team. He works closely alongside Dan Creevey Snr and Craig Van Der Hoven. Daniel helps guide clients through the criminal justice system and assists clients with their civil disputes. Daniel appears regularly before the Magistrates, District and Supreme Courts across South-East Queensland on minor and major criminal matters. Daniel is an upcoming criminal lawyer and has a passion for helping clients achieve exceptional results in the criminal justice system no matter how minor or serious the matter is.


  • Criminal Law

  • Traffic Offences

  • Drug Offences

  • Weapons Offences and Licensing

  • Crime and Corruption Commission Proceedings

  • Disciplinary Tribunals

  • Civil Litigation and Class Actions


  • Bachelor of Laws (Honours)

  • Solicitor, Supreme Court of Queensland

  • Member of Queensland Law Society

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We will provide you with a quality service by:

Recognising that individual client needs are unique. We will personalise our service, and provide you with advice that fits those needs.

Delivering clear, accurate, timely and relevant services and advice.

Ensuring accessibility to senior members of the team, and direct contact with those who thoroughly understand your matter.

Treating you with the dignity, respect and support we would give our most important client, not treating you as another number.

At Creevey Horrell Lawyers, we have an ongoing commitment to deliver service excellence to our clients. Our capacity to provide professional and supportive legal advice and services is what makes us unique and what drives our growth and development as a firm.

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