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If you have been injured due to a motor vehicle accident where you were not at fault, it may be possible for you to receive compensation. This can be the case for car accidents, motorbike crashes, quad bike accidents or truck accidents.

The wide-open roads of rural Queensland are subject to motor vehicle collisions all too often (due to wild animals on the roads, lack of vision, agricultural machinery or other risks). Road safety is of course paramount no matter where you are, however, extra caution is always advised on outback road because of the increased hazards faced by drivers.

Some of the common hazards you could encounter whilst driving on Rural Roads include:

• Rouge livestock or wild animals;

• Agricultural machinery backing out or stopping;

• Flooded roads;

• Narrow roads;

• Dust build-up leading to low visibility and disguised road hazards; and more.

Tips to stay safe on country and rural roads in Queensland

It’s important to be aware of what precautions should be taken when driving on a rural road. Here are a few tips to stay safe on country and rural roads:

• Plan out your journey beforehand, taking into account weather forecasts and construction zones; • Read the signs and keep alert for wildlife zones, high crash zones and other warnings; • Always drive within the conditions; • If it’s flooded, forget it; • Practice patience; • Reduce speed on narrow roads, single-lane roads and blind corners.

Compensation for Car Accidents or Motor Vehicle Incidents in Rural Queensland

If you have been injured in a car accident in Rural Queensland, of which you were not at fault, you’ll be in a better position to receive compensation if you act with the support of a professional Personal Injury Lawyer. Let us help you.

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