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Niami Gill


Phone: (07) 3009 6555 or (07) 4617 8777

“I take the time to understand my clients not only from a commercial perspective, but on a personal level. I want them to feel like they are heard and that I always have time for them"


Certificate III Business Administration


Meet Niami

After working as a conveyancer in New South Wales, Niami has relocated and brought her expertise to Toowoomba and surrounding areas. She has over six years of conveyancing experience, coupled with four years’ experience in property valuation, equipping her with valuable insights into every aspect of your property transaction, including timelines and processes. Niami guides her clients through all conveyancing matters with precision and confidence.

Client service is at the heart of Niami’s practice, and she is committed to helping clients feel confident, included and heard so that whether it is their first property transaction or their 100th, expectations are clear. Niami outlines clear timeframes and strictly adheres to these commitments ensuring communication is maintained throughout the process.

Buying and selling a home can be stressful, but Niami takes the time to listen to her clients to gain a genuine understanding of their unique situation and interprets and distils the technical information so that they can feel confident that not only is their matter in safe hands, but they understand exactly what is taking place.

Niami provides advice on contracts, negotiates terms and conditions, builds strong relationships with bankers, real estate agents and other solicitors on behalf of her clients to help transactions run smoothly and ensure open communications when things don’t go quite to plan. 

With a track record of working to incredibly tight deadlines when needed, Niami once turned a significant matter around in just three days. She is experienced in the sale and purchase of large residential properties, rural properties including cattle stations the size of a European country and large residential subdivisions.

No transaction is too big or too small. No matter the complexity or timeline, each of Niami’s clients receive her exceptional service and impeccable attention to detail.

Outside of work, Niami can be found outside; whether it is nurturing her green thumb, pitching a tent or negotiating a 4WD track, Niami is not afraid to get her hands dirty and have fun.

Click here to arrange a 15-minute free assessment of your purchase or sale with Niami or call (07) 3009 6555 or (07) 4617 8777 to set up an appointment.


We will provide you with a quality service by:

Recognising that individual client needs are unique. We will personalise our service, and provide you with advice that fits those needs.

Delivering clear, accurate, timely and relevant services and advice.

Ensuring accessibility to senior members of the team, and direct contact with those who thoroughly understand your matter.

Treating you with the dignity, respect and support we would give our most important client, not treating you as another number.

At Creevey Horrell Lawyers, we have an ongoing commitment to deliver service excellence to our clients. Our capacity to provide professional and supportive legal advice and services is what makes us unique and what drives our growth and development as a firm.

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